we went to camp

that time we went to camp in upstate new york with grandparents and an aunt and uncle and cousins and I took pictures for one whole day of it-- just because we are currently all healthy and happy.  and because that may not always be true. and because I am (slowly) learning to live life down to the dregs and value every incarnate moment with family.

the perkins family

I am finding that I do not just photograph a family story once.  It's not a 'once and done' sort of experience and instead I tend to be asked back over and over again.

I have photographed the last 4 Perkins babies and their arrival into the world.  Josephine Love, 5th of the bunch, joined them recently and made them a full hand of blessings.  This photo essay is a small glimpse into-- not just their family story-- but their family history.  I'm so glad I get to document it for them. LIFE- 20% more free.

this thing called now


"The awareness of a master storyteller weaving my life lets me pause and, like an artist, see hidden blessings and patterns when I begin to bear the cost of narrowing my life.  It lets me endure in love because I know that Someone is guiding the story toward resurrection." -Paul Miller

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